The Chilli Banana Experience

At Chilli Banana we believe great food brings the world one step closer together. 

Recognised the world over as a true feast for the senses, the flavours, aromas and textures at the heart of Thai cooking all perfectly combine to entertain any gathering with food that gets everyone talking!

Our customers expect the very best and here at Chilli Banana we follow our own way to delight every time with our Simply Sensational Thai Food.

Why Simply? We believe Thai Food is at its most sensational when prepared from fresh, simple ingredients according to traditional time-served recipes. Our kitchen is headed up by Executive Chef May who learned her craft back home at her mother’s knee – mastering the unwritten art of authentic Thai cooking and founding her first restaurant in the UK with husband Steve back in 1995.

Why Sensational? For May & Steve it’s a family thing and that extends beyond the food to encompass all things Chilli Banana. It’s a passion: Sensational Cooking, Sensational Staff & Sensational Service all add up to give people, whoever they are and wherever they may come from, what they expect - Simply Sensational Thai Food. 

We warmly invite you to share our very special Chilli Banana Experience.